The advantages of using optical fibers over other modes of network

Questions might come in your mind, why to use fiber-optic cables, when there are a number of other alternatives available. You can easily use coaxial cables, twisted pairs, and other similar alternatives. But optical cables have advantages, over the others.

In all the ways, by which electronic signals are carried, they are carried in electrical format. It is common in all kind of cables like co-axial cables, twisted pairs, and similar other kind of cables. But in case of optical fibers, the single is carried in form of light, which has a number of advantages over the others. If you use mpo trunk cable, it can also add a lot of other advantages, as it are one of the best optical fibers available.

The speed

The first and the most important aspect of optical fibers is the speed. The speed of electrons in case of electricity is much less than that of light in case of optical fibers. Thus, the signals will be carried a lot faster compared to other modes of network, if optical fiber is used. The optical fibers can be very fast, and the maximum speed can’t be up to 2 GB per second, which is huge.


Signal loss

The next and the most important aspect is single interference in single loss. In most of the cases, signal loss takes place due to interference, and due to faulty cables. In case of mpo trunk cable, high-quality fibers are used, and in case of optical fibers, there isn’t any chance of interference and single loss, as the signal is carried in form of light. There is no chance of electrical or electromagnetic single loss.

The advantages

Thus, there are a number of advantages of using optical fibers, and you can get even more advantages by using mpo trunk cable. The reason is that, they always use high-quality fibers, and equipment, which make the process much more efficient.


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